Visit to the Australian Museum

Australian Museum
Outside the Australian Museum

Today we’re off to check off another attraction on our Sydney “to-do” list, the Australia Museum.  Located just across from Hyde Park, the Australian Museum is a beautiful old building that has been completely renovated inside with all your modern comforts. The Museum is currently showcasing the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit, with the winning and runner-up entries showcased in 16 different categories.  As our luck would have it the winning entry entitled, “The Storybook Wolf” was disqualified officially as of today and the photograph was removed from the exhibit! What drama! But with 10,000 pounds up for grabs, the competition is taken very seriously. The photos in the exhibit are absolutely breathtaking – no photography allowed in the exhibit due to copyright of course – so you’ll have to check this one out for yourself!

Me vs. the T-rex
Me vs. the T-rex

Next off to the dinosaur exhibit – Andrew and I are both fans of dinosaurs. This exhibit features a number of life-size models and skeletons as well as sound effects to complete the mood. Lots of information on the different eras and games to interact with for the kids (or in this case for Andrew and I!). There are a ton of other great exhibits including skeletons, surviving australia, insects, what’s in your backyard and rocks/gems.  Even after 3 hours here we still didn’t see everything. Snacks and comfortable shoes recommended.

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