Trial at Blackbird Cafe

Saturday November 7th:

So I decide I should go and do the trial at Blackbird Cafe, just to be sure, and if nothing else to gain more experience.  I figure, even if I drop and entire platter of food, it doesn’t matter because I already have a job! (Not that I am planning on it but we’ll see). I arrive at 7 for my shift, and it seems things are really unorganized.  I am given a shirt to wear that is about 3 sizes to big, and then a quick tour of the place and then I am left to fend for myself.  Here I am trialing to be a food runner, and already I like the idea of being a hostess better.  Not to mention that this place is a lot slower so there is lots of time when I am doing nothing but trying my best to look busy.  The atmosphere is  a lot more relaxed here, and I actually have time to chit chat with people, but my three hour shift drags by forever.  By the time it is over at 10 pm I am pretty sure this is not for me.  I end up getting offered the job, but the pay is less, and I would have fewer hours so I turn it down.  Good experience for food running, and I didn’t even drop anything after all.  I’m all set for I’m Angus.

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