Why Traveling is a Great Way to Save Money

While traveling and saving money may seem like polar opposites, this may not always be the case depending on the kind of travel you do. At the end of 15 months of travel and only 7 months of working part-time hospitality jobs, it looks like we should come home with nearly as much money as we left with. How is it possible to work less, see the world, and not put a large dent in your savings account? Spend less. When you cut ties to your bills and belongings while on the road, you can put that money towards your travels.

New job and new sights to take in

When we were prepping for our 15 month journey, the first thing we did was start to sell off things that we hadn’t used in ages, both to save storage space and to make some cash. It’s amazing how fast things pile up after a few years of settling in one place. Not only were we able to get rid of junk we were no longer using, we easily made over $500 just off things that were collecting dust in our closets. While letting go of your “stuff” may seem scary at first, it gets easier with each item that you sell. Knowing that it’s going to get some use again in its new home is a great feeling. The next step; cutting all our bills. With no car insurance, gym membership, electricity, hydro, internet, or cable bills, it’s amazing how far your money can go.

Being able to work while traveling has provided the rest of our travel fund. The opportunity to save money while working overseas outweighs what you can do at home in most circumstances. Why? Because when you are constantly on the move, it’s amazing what you learn to live without. All those things that you desperately need to buy at home – new clothes, make-up, home furnishings, etc. just aren’t as important when you’re travelling. After living out of a backpack for 9 months now, it’s amazing that I still have clothes that I don’t often wear, and how much I have left behind at various places. Traveling to countries where your currency is worth more is also another way to stretch your dollar. While the Australian currency is close to the Canadian dollar, our 3 months in Asia will cost us next to nothing in comparison. So if you’re looking to start or add to your savings account, working overseas for 6 months to a year may be a great way to get started. Not only will you grow your bank account, you’ll get to see a new part of the world, work somewhere completely different than your current job, and make all your friends back home jealous of your great adventures.

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