Top 10 Things I Can’t Live Without When Travelling

  1. E-reader: As an avid reader back home, picking up an e-reader was one of the best decisions I made before leaving. Having an endless supply of books on hand to read without adding any extra weight to my bag is a win-win scenario. Otherwise you’ve got to keep your fingers crossed your hostel has a decent book exchange.

    ereader, travel, top10
    A million books in one
  2. Waterproof Camera: From sudden downpours to underwater shots, having a waterproof camera alleviates much of the worry about damaging your memory making device. Without it we wouldn’t have up close photos with sea lions or shots of us under Iguazu Falls; some of our best photos from this trip.

    Waterproof camera, Galapagos, underwater shots
    Worth every penny for a waterproof camera
  3. Lululemon Pants: While some people may swear off this sometimes pretentious brand, there is one thing that you can’t deny – they make long lasting pants. My black groove pants have circumvented the globe over the past 3 years, been worn hundreds of times and often gone weeks between washing and they are still holding up. When spending 20 hours on the bus is a normal day for travel, you need comfortable leg wear.
  4. Funky Sunglasses: Because they help to jazz up the hundreds of photos we’ve taken and provide an awesome pop of colour.

    Sunglasses, travel, top 10
    Rocking the cheesy purple shades
  5. Lonely Planet Guidebook: There’s no better guidebook out there for travelling on a budget. From top sites to see, maps and good recommended hostels, Lonely Planet makes a travellers’ life easier. While it’s always great to get off the beaten path now and again, it’s good to have a map for getting back to it afterwards.
  6. Ear Plugs: From overnight buses, to finding out your hostel is next to the loudest bar in town, ear plugs are a necessity for keeping my sanity.

    Overnight buses, South America
    Catching zzz’s on overnight buses
  7. Internet: While I do enjoy a  disconnected day or two now and again, I have to admit keeping in touch with everyone back home and working on this blog of course are high on my list of priorities.  Broken routers and slow internet speeds have been known to cause minor freakouts.

    Top 10, Internet when travelling
    Yup, need that wi-fi connection
  8. Rain Coat: I could live without this if it never rained, but sadly travelling during typhoon/rainy season abroad does mean we’ve encountered our share of downpours.

    What to pack, rain jackets, Iguazu Falls
    Trying to keep dry in the downpour at Iguazu Falls
  9. Mosquito repellent: Unfortunately the mosquitos seem to particularly love biting me more than the next person, so travelling with top strength Deet bug spray is a must.
  10. Last (but not least) – Andrew (aka my husband): From map reader to carrier of heavy things, I’m not sure I could survive months of travel on my lonesome. He is especially good at killing large insects and providing much needed body heat in the cold high altitude nights.

    Travelling with your spouse, Top 10
    Andrew demonstrating those lifting skills

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