Top 10 Favourite Moments in Australia

It’s been 11 months and 28 days since we arrived at the airport in Melbourne, unsure of where our year long journey was going to take us.  It was cold and rainy for the first few weeks, so we high tailed it out of Melbourne and onto Sydney where we would end up finding work, a place to live and meet the first of many great friends along the way. There have been so many great moments here in Australia, but here are the Top 10 best moments of the trip:

  1. Seeing kangaroos and koalas in the wild on the Great Ocean Road – to get away from the rain we did a four day journey on the Great Ocean Road that ended in the Grampians National Park.  The journey took in so many breathtaking views- “The 12 Apostles”, “London Bridge”, the view from “The Peak” but our favourite moment was stumbling across a pack 30 or so kangaroos  – it was like the scene out of Jurassic Park when they see the dinosaurs for the first time and are simply blown away.

    More Kangaroos, Grampians National Park
    Lots more where these guys came from
  2. The outdoor cinema in Sydney – watching the sunset over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera house with a bottle of wine were the previews for the outdoor cinema.  Even though it rained down on us, we laughed as everyone put on our rain ponchos and stuck it out until the end of movie.

    Sydney, Australia Outdoor Cinema
    Enjoy the movies open air style in Sydney, Australia
  3. Surfing Lessons – You can’t come to Australia and not at least give it a go.  Our first lessons were a ball as we tried to get up on our boards, fell over and then repeated this process a dozen times before even coming close to getting up on our boards. Many laughs and a few bruises were had.

    Surfing in Sydney, Australia
    First time standing up on a surfboard in Australia!
  4. New Years in Sydney – even though we both had to work out our respective restaurants next door in Darling Harbour, we were in the heart of the action and had front row seats as the fireworks went off.  We were even able to share some champagne and a midnight kiss.

    New Years in Sydney, Australia
    Champagne at midnight for New Years in Sydney!
  5. Girls night out in Brisbane (after surviving the car breakdown!) – what started out as a simple drive from Surfer’s Paradise to Brisbane, became a great story as the car broke down, and my Good Samaritan came to rescue me.  Much partying took place that weekend to celebrate that I got there in one piece!

    Brisbane's skyline at night
    Brisbane’s skyline at night
  6. Scuba Diving – those first breaths underwater were amazing.  Andrew, Maeve and I were all in awe as we swam alongside the fish for the first time.  One of our best accomplishments at Hayman was getting through the course together so we could start to explore the underwater world.

    Learning to Scuba Diving in Australia, Great Barrier Reef
    Learning to Scuba Diving in Australia at Hayman Island
  7. Sky Diving – I think I have officially overcome my fear of heights by throwing myself out of a plane at 13,000 ft up.  Adrenaline rush to the max.

    Skyding, Australia, Great Barrier Reef
    Freefalling and loving it!
  8. My birthday surrounded by friends at Hayman – I couldn’t have imagined a better birthday on this trip.  In a beautiful place, surrounded by great people sharing great food together – there isn’t anything more I could have asked for.

    Hayman Island, Australia
    Jumping for birthday joy!
  9. Rafting down the Tully River – “Team Extreme” aka Andrew, Michelle and I, spent 5 hours being hurtled down, over and under rapids, then jumped off cliffs, tipped the raft, went through the drowning simulator and came out alive – awesome!

    Extreme rafting in Cairns
    Team Xtreme!
  10. Watching the sunset at Lancelin with a bottle of wine – the last night of our west coast journey, Andrew and I shared a romantic evening alone as we watched the sunset over the ocean in seaside town of Lancelin.  A great (almost) end to our year long journey.

    Lancelin, Western Australia
    The sunsets on our last night in Australia

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