Top 10 Cheesy Photo Ops in South America

With the ability to take endless photos on multiple devices and share them instantly with all your friends, there are more opportunities than ever before to snap that perfect cheesy photo on your travels. Jumping photos? Check. Mastering the perfect selfie? Check. Close up wildlife shots? Check. From endless sunset photos, to photos of llamas everywhere, here’s a round-up of the best cheesy photo opportunities from across South America:

  1. Bolivian Salt Flats: From being eaten alive to being blown away, the cheesy photo opportunities are endless in the Bolivian Salt Flats. The picture perfect blue skies and the endless expanse of white salt give you the perfect backdrop for playing around with depth perception in photos. Be sure to bring a fully charged camera, lots of memory space and a few props to make it interesting.

    Blown away in the Bolivian Salt Flats
    Blown away in the Bolivian Salt Flats
  2. Viña del Mar Clock:  The flower clock located in sunny seaside Viña del Mar, Chile, has been made famous from people standing in front of it and mimicking the time. Obviously not the most original shot, but I just couldn’t help myself.

    Vina Del Mar Flower Clock
    Cheesy clock photo – gotta have one!
  3. Sea lion on the bench in Galapagos: If you are fortunate enough to visit the magnificent Galapagos Islands, one of the first things you will notice is that there are sea lions everywhere and I mean everywhere. From park benches to city steps, public gardens and inside the boats, sea lions are king in these enchanted islands. The cheesy sea lion photo ops are endless, but the park bench sea lion really sums it up.

    Sea Lions in Galapagos Islands
    Watch your step and your seat, sea lions rule around here!
  4. Straddling the equatorial line:  Nowhere does up the middle of the world like Quito, Ecuador, where you can visit not one, but two different equatorial attractions. The first is the original markings of the equator with a large monument dedicated to the discovery and the second, smaller site is the “official” equatorial line marked with GPS coordinates.  Either way, a photo at the middle of the world is a must do if you’re passing through Quito.

    Ecuador's equatorial line
    Made it to the middle of the Earth!
  5. Sunset at the beach: With Mother Nature dolling up endless sunset variations day after day, it’s hard to ever be satisfied with just one sunset photo. With thousands of kilometers of pacific coastal waters, there are more than enough opportunities in South America to nail the perfect sunset photo.

    Sunset in South America
    You can never have too many sunset shots
  6. Posing with Evita’s Grave: Likely Argentina’s most famous woman, a visit to Evita’s grave is a must. The Recoleta Cemetery is a beautiful collection of massive marble crypts and tombs and home to another cheesy photography opportunity at Argentina’s most visited grave.

    Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires, Evita, South America
    Andrew looking thoroughly impressed standing next to Evita’s crypt
  7. Machu Picchu Jumping: Because photos of the world famous Inca city of Machu Picchu just aren’t enough for the photo book, jumping in front of the centuries old ruins adds just the right touch.

    Jumping photos, Machu Pichhu, Peru, South America
    Jumping in front of world famous sites adds just the right look for your photos
  8. Posing in a tango cut out in La Boca:  From postcards to key chains to posters, you’ll see pictures of Buenos Aires’ famous La Boca district everywhere. Pop down for an afternoon, enjoy the tango dancing in the street and stick your head into a cut out for good measure.

    Tango photo, La Boca
    Pose for your tango photo!
  9. Big Tree photo:  With 40% of the continent covered by the amazon jungle, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of big trees in South America. From tree hugging to tree jumping, to just plain old standing in front of them, you can check off the tree photos easily here.

    Forest in South America, Jungle, Big Trees
    Showing off how big the trees are in South America
  10. Llama Posing: Llamas are pretty much everywhere in South America, so there are lots of opportunities for close up llama photos, petting llama photos, and llama photo bombing .

    Llamas in Ecuador
    Llama photobomb anyone?

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