The World’s Largest Waterfalls – Iguazu Falls

You hear the roar getting louder and louder as you walk across the iron platform above the rushing river below. It’s the site you’ve heard most about before you arrived and it’s been on your bucket list for years. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world Iguazu Falls will leave you breathless.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina
The Devils Throat

Set in a national park in the northeast corner of Argentina at the intersection of the Brazil and Paraguay borders, this natural phenomenon holds the title of the world’s largest waterfalls at almost three kilometers in diameter and over 82 meters high. The site comprises of over 275 separate waterfalls all flowing into the Parana River below. You will need an entire day here to properly explore and enjoy the multi-level viewing platforms on the Argentinian side.

Iguazu Falls, Wonder of the World
Can’t get enough photos!

Most visitors hop aboard the shuttle train from the main entrance of the park and head straight to the highest platform lookout for a view of the famous “Garganta del Diablo” or devils throat. After you hop off the train you’ll then walk 1.5 kilometers on a boardwalk over the fast moving river to reach the neck. From here you’ll be rewarded with a view of the raging waterfalls and the occasional burst of mist.

Once you’ve snapped a few dozen photos and walked around the platforms you can then hop back on the train to reach the mid level viewing walkways which offer a post card perfect panorama picture of the falls – rainbow included. There are a number of different viewing areas that each offers a different perspective. Make sure you’ve got enough memory space on your camera card because you won’t be able to snap enough photos of this place.

Iguazu Falls, South America
Rainbows included at no extra charge

After traversing the numerous platforms and walkways it’s time to get up close and personal with this wonder of nature with a boat excursion into the falls. This is no average maid of the mist ride, but a powerful speedboat that takes about 20 passengers at a time for a very close up look at the falls. A dry bag for your valuables and shoes are included as you should be prepared to be fully soaked. The 20 minute adventure takes in both sides of the falls with two visits for each – one dry version so you can snap some photos and one very wet version.  You’ve already come this far, it’s worth shelling out the extra $25 per person for a once in a lifetime experience.  You won’t leave disappointed.

Boat ride to Iguazu Falls
Water is definitely included!

Quick Facts:

Distance from Buenos Aires: 18 hours by bus

Cost of bus ride from Buenos Aires: $150 US per person round trip for a 2nd tier bus “cama” that offers comfortable, chairs that recline and meal service at the time of writing.

Cost of entrance to the park: $30 at the official exchange rate at the time of writing

Viewing from Brazil side: Is possible and recommended if time allows, but check visa requirements. Visas for Canadians are expensive and need to be arranged ahead of time. The Argentina side has better viewing anyways luckily.

Jen’s Overall Rating: Worth every penny! You can’t come to South America and not visit this place so start your planning now!

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