The decision to leave Melbourne

I get a call for a job interview and off I go the next day for the interview.  Turns out to be a 100% commission sales job going business to business – I guess that is one step above door to door right? Not the job for me.  On the way home I realize I am going to pass by the Victoria Market and decide to check it out.

Queen Victoria Market
I’m in cheap produce heaven

I am in heaven! Cheap produce prices finally, this must be where the locals shop! I have to admit, even though I should have been disappointed about the crappy job, I am so overjoyed about the market that it doesn’t matter.  I only wish I could have carried more stuff home.  Oh for the simple joys of life!  A few more days pass and we start to wonder, maybe we shouldn’t stick around in Melbourne much longer? The weather hasn’t been great, and we want to get up to Sydney before summer hits to make sure we secure jobs and a place to live.  It’s a tough decision as living with Chris, our banker friend, would have been awesome (and free!), but we decide to move on.  Now we snap back into full tourist mode and need to check off everything we haven’t done yet in the city, book flights and find a place to sleep when we get to Sydney, no more time for movies!

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