Thanksgiving Day

Monday Oct 12th

This morning, we have planned a call with my family since it is Sunday for them and they are enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.  No Thanksgiving in Australia.  Sure enough, I get a call at 8 am for an interview – THAT day at 10:30 with a recruitment agency.  I bolt out of bed and get myself organized and make a quick call to the family before I head to the interview.  The interview is with Sirius Recruitment agency, they find temp work for office support.  The interview goes well, and the next day I get a call that I have a job placement for 5 business days that starts tomorrow (Wed).  Off to work I go!

The rest of today is spent viewing more apartments, no luck yet. We are spending a lot of time in McDonalds these days.  They have made the genius move of having free wi-fi at each of their restaurants, so they are filled with other backpackers also looking for apartments and jobs.  Needless to say we end up eating a lot of McD’s these days since it’s convenient and cheap.

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