Sydney Wildlife World

A must see in Darling Harbour is Sydney Wildlife World, located next to the Sydney Aquarium. Cost is $32 for adults, save 20% with a YHA backpacker card. If you are planning on doing both in the same day, discounts are available as well.

Scary Stick Bugs
Scary Stick Bugs

The first exhibit when you walk through the doors is a plant out in the open with giant stick bugs.  You don’t even notice them at first because they blend in so well with the plant.  One of the employees is describing their habitat and life cycle, and explaining that they don’t have to be caged in because they rarely fly off the tree because they won’t leave a good food source.  As soon as she finishes saying that, one flies right off at me and I nearly die of a heart attack! Off to the next exhibit – deadly spiders and snakes, at least they are locked in their cages! Australia, as I found out, is home to a number of poisonous insects, spiders and snakes – good thing I have health insurance here!

Koala Bear

The next exhibit is a large roof top dome with kangaroos and koalas.  Kangaroos here are not as exciting as seeing them in the wild, but the koala exhibit was great.  I captured on video the first time I have ever seen a koala climb down a tree – and then fell over! Made my whole trip to Wildlife world.  You can watch the video on YouTube here.


Kangaroos at Wildlife World

The last exhibit is a massive dome filled with hundreds of butterflies that you walk right through the middle of.  While they are beautiful to see, after my fright with the stick bug, I really don’t want to have any insects flying around me! Overall, a great way to spend an afternoon, lots of interactive displays for children and a nice outdoor cafe for parents who need a rest.

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