Learning to Surf in Sydney, Australia

We register to take our first surfing lesson today, no time like the present to get started! We go with Waves Surf School for a one day lesson that takes you out to a private beach where the waves are nice and small to learn on.

Surfing Down Under
Learning the ropes of surfing with Waves Surf School


We get up and out by 8:30 am and after picking up the rest of the group we arrive at the beach  10 am.  Our first lesson is on the sand, breaking down how to stand up into four different steps.  There is a lot more going on than it looks! We head out into the water to put the steps into action.  I lie down on the board and the surf instructor launches me into a wave – all the steps go out the window as I crash into the ocean floor.  I never thought falling on sand could hurt so much! This process is repeated about a dozen times until I finally get the hang of it.

Surfing in Sydney, Australia
First time standing up on a surfboard in Australia!

I never knew surfing would be so tiring – falling over and over again and having the waves crash down on you really takes gives you a beating! We take a break for lunch which is provided and then head back into the ocean in the afternoon.  Andrew is of course the best in the group getting up and staying up the most of of everyone.  He is a natural.  After a long day of surfing we get back in the van and head back to our hostel exhausted.  Showers, dinner and straight to bed tonight!

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