Surfing in Siargao

We emerge from two nights into the jungle to catch a flight to the eastern seaboard of the Philippines on a small island called Siargao pronounced “Shar-gow”. We head to the Cebu airport only to find out that our flight has been cancelled. The only downside of being in the jungle for a few days meant we were without wi-fi and therefore did not get the flight cancellation notification. The upside is that the airport put us up in a night at a nearby hotel with dinner and breakfast included. Once we finally catch the flight the next day we arrive at Cloud 9- literally. General Luna is the main town in the surf resort with accommodation spread out along a 3 km stretch of dirt road. While it is probably best to stay right at the Cloud 9 surf break if you do plan on surfing, we ended up staying at a nice resort in town as we didn’t realize that the surfing area wasn’t within walking distance. Luckily, transport in this small resort town simply means hoping on the back of a passing by motorcycle to and from your destination.

Boardwalk at Cloud 9
Boardwalk at Cloud 9

There are several main surf breaks all over coral just off the boardwalk at Cloud 9 beach. During this low season waves range from 2-3 feet, but during peak season in September the waves can get over 10 feet, so if you’re heading in this direction make sure the waves match your skill level.

If surfing isn’t your thing, find a resort with a view and a pool to lounge yourself at enjoy the ocean views. Chernicole was a great option, near the popular Patrick’s on the Beach as the room rates included air conditioning and breakfast for two along with a pool, beach front and lounge chairs for only 988 Php or $25 CAD per night. There are also yoga classes and island tours for those not surfing inclined. For a good social scene visit Kermits – a bit off the main road but a great backpacker vibe with cheap rooms and good food. Siargao is a bit of a trek to get to and from, but is the top surfing spot in the Philippines with a spot on the surf world tour every September it’s a must see for those who want to hit the waves.

Catching a wave
Catching A Wave

Getting to and from Siargao: There are direct flights to the island a few days a week with Cebu Pacific air starting from $55 each with taxes included. Otherwise you can fly into neighbouring Surigao and then catch the ferry to/from Siargao, 2.5 to 3 hours for the fast boat.


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