Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer's Paradise
Surfer’s Paradise

Driving up the Gold Coast highway, you can see Surfer’s Paradise for miles before you arrive.  With its hundreds of looming skyscrapers, Surfers Paradise provides a stark contrast to the surrounding small beach towns.  It is called the “Las Vegas” of Australia with grand hotels, numerous nightclubs and casino’s and a crazy nightlife every day of the week.

One of Andrew’s friends from University, Ashley, has invited us to crash with him while we are in town.  After spending the last 3 weeks in various hostels it is a great feeling to have a place to call home for a few days. We head down to the beach straight away to check out our new surroundings.  Surfers is located in the middle of a large strip of beach that goes for miles in either direction. And while the beach is beautiful, there are no point breaks to calm the waves crashing onto shore, making it almost impossible to do any actual surfing. Not really a surfer’s paradise after all!

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