Skating in Sydney?


Skating in Aus
Skating in Aus

We wake up this morning to a crazy thunderstorm – I guess the beach is out for today! We laze around the house with our roommates today wondering what we can go out and do in this weather.  Our roommate, Natasha decides she really wants to go skating at the indoor skating rink at the Macquarie Ice Rink at the Macquarie Mall in North Ryde. Morgan, her boyfriend and roommate is not so keen on the idea – he’s from Australia and didn’t grow up skating like the rest of us (Natasha is from England).  But after a bit of prodding off we go! I never though I would be going skating in Australia!

Skating is more expensive here than Canada – about $16 for the free skate with our discount cards.  I guess it’s a bit more of a novelty here.  The skates are also different – more like roller blades with a skate on the bottom.  I am surprised at how busy the rink is – lots of kids in figure skating dress.  A good time had by everyone, including Morgan!



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