Singapore – Mega malls, Mouth-watering food, and Massive Entertainment

Although Singapore may be small geographically compared to other countries on your journey, it is jammed pack with enough things to do to keep you busy for days on end. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, accommodations and attractions can be pricey, so it definitely pays to shop around for discount packages.

Singapore Downtown
Downtown Singapore

Backpacker accommodations are spread out into a few different districts of the city, with the largest concentration in Little India.  In peak seasons you’ll want to book ahead as anything cheap and clean books up fast.  Our first night we landed in a flop house, literally, in the Colonial District, Cozy Backpackers.  Our top choice we found out had closed down, and with the sky getting dark and our feet getting tired, we unfortunately had to spend a night in this god-forsaken place.  For only a few dollars more the next day we moved into The Inn Crowd in Little India.  The dorms here are 8-12 beds, but the facilities are clean, there’s free wi-fi, free breakfast and discount tickets available at reception.  This place was full every day we were here, so make reservations ahead of time or arrive early in the a.m.

Little India, Singapore
Little India, Singapore

Orchard road runs through the city center and houses several massive shopping complexes with every designer brand you can think of and then some.  If Prada and Gucci aren’t exactly in your budget, then head to China Town or Little India for cheapie souvenirs, clothes and those famous knock off purses.

Sinapore Shopping
High end shopping like nowhere else

If you’re looking for a bit of culture or history check out the National Singapore Museum as well as the Asian Civilizations Museum.  The latter is the better one to go to if you are short on time, but the National Museum is free after 6pm if you’re short on money.  Both are also heavily air-conditioned and offer a refreshing retreat from the mid afternoon humidity.

Singapore Museum
Ancient Civilizations Museum

Another highlight of Singapore is the world class zoos – both your regular day time zoo and the world’s only night zoo.  It is worth going to see both if you can, preferably on separate days so you don’t get “zooed” out.  If time only allows for one visit, I highly recommend the night zoo – after all, there is nowhere in the world quite like it.  Click here for a full review of both zoos.

No matter what kind of entertainment, food, or shopping you are looking for, Singapore has it all. You’ll definitely want to squeeze out as much as you can from this place before you have to leave.

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