Sentosa Island – Not Just for the Kids

If you’re burned out from Singapore’s mega malls and cement surroundings, then look no further than Sentosa Island, just a few stops on the metro away from downtown. Here you’ll find Singapore’s only beach (imported sand), a Universal Studio’s, sprawling resort complexes, breach front bars, and rides for big kids and small. And when Singapore builds something, they always do it first class.

Sentosa Island, Singapore
Beach time on Sentosa Island

A great way to get a view of the city and have a little fun is to buy a ticket for the cable car/luge combo.  They have signs posted everywhere saying “once is never enough” and they definitely have it right.  After a scenic ride up the hill in a chair lift, you get to roll down the hill in a toboggan on wheels. After one go, you’ll be wishing you had booked a 5 combo pack.

Sentosa Island
Nothing says fun like racing down a track in a sled on wheels!

Looking to keep up your surf skills while in Singapore?  Then head straight to the automatic wave machine down by the beach. For $40  Singapore dollars an hour you can try your skills on the barrel maker. And while it’s not as easy as it looks it makes for great action shots as you fall over and over again into the pool of water below.

Surfing on Sentosa Island
Andrew Practicing his Surf Skills

Whether it’s a day at the spa, a round of golf, or experiencing Universal Studio’s for the first time, Sentosa Island has packed it all into this small patch of land just off Singapore mainland.

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