Roadtrip – Southwest Australia

With our time in Australia winding down, we’re back on the road to take in as much of the landscape as we can.  With 6 days and 2500 kilometers to cover, it’s going to be a busy few days:

WA Roadtrip
WA Roadtrip

Day 1: Margaret river – wine, cheese and chocolate tasting (for free!)

Day 2: Heading down to the southern ocean road, stopping at the Valley of Giants (of trees that is), and ending our day in Albany

Day 3: Hiking along the coast in Albany

Day 4: Taking the scenic drive to Esperance

Day 5: Heading into the outback in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mining community

Day 6: One long drive back to Perth

I’m also hoping to learn standard at some point during this trip so I can help out with the driving .  Here’s hoping that we all make it back in one piece!

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