Getting Ready to Get Back on the Road

With time ticking away here on Hayman we’ve started planning the next phase of our journey.  The past two and a half months here have been great, but it’s now time to start looking forward to being on the road again.  Phase one of our next journey will take us from Airlie Beach up to Cairns and Port Douglas by car.  Then we fly over to Perth for a few weeks on the west coast, rent another car there and do the south-western tip of Australia.  We will have about a month left on our visa to complete this journey before it’s time to fly out and head off to Asia.

Australian Journey
Australian Journey

For the next leg of our journey, we have started to budget our time and look at how many places we can comfortably squeeze into the 2.5 months we have before returning to Canada for Christmas.  It seems the more people we talk to, the more ideas we get about amazing places to visit.  It is definitely going to be a busy few months trying to fit everything in, while still taking some time out for some rest and relaxation.

Map of our journey
Map of our journey in Asia

Our first stop will definitely be Indonesia, both due to our desire to do some surfing in Bali, and its close proximity to Australia.  We are then considering stopping over in Malaysia for about a week on our way to Thailand since it’s literally on the way. Thailand will make up the biggest chunk of our southeast Asia tour, as we will likely spend our entire 30 day visa there visiting both the north and south of Thailand.  Next it’s a quick dip into Laos for 15 days (due to visa requirements), and possibly a week or two in Cambodia before flying out of Bangkok to Canada.  Of course, I do predict lots of last minute changes once we arrive in Asia and get a feel for places we would like to spend more or less time in. And to think we started on our journey, intent on only travelling around Australia! We’re now up to 7 countries and counting on the itinerary!

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