Poker Night

I’m working my first double today since we have a large function in at the restaurant this afternoon, but I end up having my shift cancelled tonight, which works out well since Andrew has the night off as well.  He has been playing poker the last few Thursday’s down in a bar in King’s Cross, with some friends from work, so I decide to tag along as well for the night.  It’s only a $10 buy in, so I think what the heck, I’ll give it a go. There are about 60 player’s only 2 others of which are female.


World Bar Teapots
Celebrating at World Bar

Time goes by, and 4 hours later I am still in the game, along with Andrew, and having the time of my life.  Everyone is cheering me on, as the only girl still in the game.  I end up placing 5th overall, one place out of the money, but couldn’t be more surprised with my luck. To top the night off, Andrew’s ties for first and wins $425! We all go to World Bar for their famous teapots to celebrate.  Considering quitting our jobs and playing poker full time!


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