Photo of the Week – No Make Up Selfie from Costa Rica

No Make Up Selfie, Costa Rica

It was only a matter of time before I was nomimated for the no make up selfies going around on the internet. While this photo isn’t a true selfie (Andrew, my husband snapped the pic), I hoped it would do on short notice. A beach background and a tan is always a nice touch, especially now that we are back to a Canadian winter. Travelling overseas for the last 8 months, I only wore make up a handful of times and wish I had left it at home all together. Not wearing make up is not only great for your skin, it’s liberating as well. True beauty comes from within, let’s keep up the no make up trends not only in selfies on Facebook, but in our everyday lives. How long have you ever gone without wearing make up? How did it positively or negatively affect you? Share in the comments below!

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