Partying in Brisbane!

Brisbane at Night
Brisbane at Night

After 8 days in Surfers Paradise, we decide it’s time to give Ash back his apartment and head to Brisbane. With one person coming down to visit after another it felt like we might never leave! Not that that would have been a bad thing, since we do plan on returning to work for a few months.  The next stop on our list is visiting another one of Andrew’s university friends, Jo Anna, at her place in Brisbane. Although Brisbane does not have the beauty of the coastline, the city is surrounded by the Brisbane river, that gives you stunning waterfront spaces even without the beach. We arrive there on Saturday night, and even though we are exhausted from the night before, we decide to go out since it’s our only weekend night here.

The place to head out for a night on the town in Brisbane is the Foritude Valley, otherwise known as just the Valley.  For those of you from Hamilton, picture Hess Village on steroids.  The street is crammed with people floating from one bar to another, with loud music filling the street and competing with each of the neighbouring establishments. Most places don’t have a cover charge which makes it inexpensive to club hop from one place to the next.  I think by the end of the night we have been to about 5 different bars, and that is only a small fraction of all the places you could go out. Brisbane may not have the beaches, but they sure know how to party!

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