Moving to Richmond

So we are back from the Great Ocean Road trip and we move into our new place.  Good things about this apartment: 1. Clean (8/10), 2. Own room and own bathroom, 3. Roommates are a couple our age and are in school so they are out most of the day. Bad things about this apartment: 1. Annoying dog (he does grow on me later but is a pain in the butt to start!). 2. COLD – most places in Melbourne we discover do not have central heating – even though it does get down to 0 at night in the winter! And these people do not believe in turning the heat on.

First on my to- do list here is buying some new warm clothes so I have something to sleep in and hang out in the apartment in.  Luckily, we are staying right at the corner of Church and Bridge st. and Bridge St. is the outlet mecca of Melbourne so I am able to pick up some new items for very cheap.

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