“Movember” Party

Natasha, Morgan & Andrew at Movember

Tonight is the annual, “Movember” party.  For the month of November, guys grow out their mustaches or ‘mo’s’ to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer.  It all comes to a finale on the last day of November with a costume party at Luna Park.  As it happens, I am working on this Monday, the only Monday I have ever worked, so I can’t go.  Andrew, Natasha and Morgan go out and have a blast, lots of amazing pictures.

I get home from work about 12 midnight and give Andrew a call, they are all heading back to the apartment now, and going to go out downtown, Natasha even has a costume I can borrow! (and here I was in my pj’s getting ready for bed!).

Natasha & Me at Scubar

We end up heading to Scubar, which is packed for a Monday night, lots of people here are dressed up from the Movember party earlier.  We stay there until they close at 3am, and then off to the only bar that is open 24hours, the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, for one last drink.  Awesome night, even if I did miss the first half!

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