Joining Fitness First Gym

Back at work for day 3 of 15.  Each day seems to be longer than the last one.  The only good thing about today is that Andrew has signed us up at Fitness First, so at least I can look forward to going to the gym. They have a promo right now where there is no joining fee, but in very small print there is still a $70 admin fee, what a joke! Gyms are the worst for trying to squeeze every last dollar from you.  Andrew is able to use his negotiation skills to get a cheaper bi-weekly fee for us at least.


Fitness First
Fitness First

After work I head to the gym to check it out the facilities.  The Fitness First on Market Street overlooks the Pyrmont Bridge and has an entire glass front.  Lots of classes and good equipment as well.  And since it’s the only chain of gyms in Sydney it’s an easy choice.  After hardly exercising for the last two months and living on chips and Tim Tam’s it’s time to get back into shape!


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