Into the Jungle – Loboc, Bohol

After almost a week spent on the beach, it’s time to move inland into the interior of Bohol to explore more of what this island has to offer. We head into the jungle to explore Bohol’s most famous tourist attraction, the Chocolate Hills. Before you get your hopes up, the hills actually have nothing to do with chocolate or coca bean growing, but rather the term chocolate refers to the colour of the hills in the dry season (brown). There are over 1200 hills ranging from 40 meters to 120 meters in height that spread out to the horizon as far as you can see. Legend has it that they are the solidified tear drops of a love torn giant that formed the hills many years ago.  The best way to get here is to rent a motorbike for the day which allows you to go at your own pace and explore this region.

Chocolate Hills
The famous Chocolate Hills – aka tear from a giant

On the way to the Chocolate Hills, you can stop at the second most famous attraction on Bohol – the tarsier sanctuary. These cuddly creatures are one of the world’s smallest primates, fitting in the palm of your hand. They are nocturnal animals which makes it easy to snap a photo of the sleeping tarsiers during the day. The sanctuary doesn’t offer much in the way of facilities, but it’s a quick and easy way to get a close up photo with these strange looking creatures.

Sleeping Tarsiers
Sleeping Tarsiers

If you’re looking to spend a night in the jungle, Nuts Huts in Loboc has you covered. This perfectly situated backpacker style lodge has several basic huts strung along the river where the sounds of the jungle nightlife echo all night long. Grab a ride into town and get dropped off on the main road in front of the Nuts Huts sign. From there it’s a 750 meter walk down a dirt road and then about 150 stairs down to the reception desk and main restaurant and lounge area and another 150 steps down to the river and the huts – you can check off your cardio for the day. They offer great food at reasonable prices, and since there isn’t anywhere else to go, it’s perfect.

Nuts Huts
Lounge area at Nuts Huts

You can rent kayaks to take out on the river, get a massage, go on a guided hike or rent motorbikes to visit the surrounding areas. It’s a great stop to connect with other travelers and share a few drinks before moving onto your next destination.

Loboc River
Paddling down the Loboc River

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