I’m Angus Trial

I have made it through the week at Invocare (barely), and now tonight is my trial at I’m Angus as a hostess.  I go straight from Invocare and arrive at I’m Angus just before 5:30.  There is a briefing everyday at 5:30 and then we go out on the floor. Chris, who is an assistant manager will be showing be how things work and helping me on the door tonight.  The door opens at 6 and already there is a large lineup outside.

I'm Angus
I’m Angus

For the first few hours it feels like I am running around like crazy, trying to remember where are the tables are and making sure I get all the reservations seated correctly.  Chris keeps telling me to stop looking so nervous – easier said than done! The man who I really need to impress is the head boss, Steve, who is watching me from cash all night.  Before I know it, its 10pm -time flies when you are running around like crazy! The good news is that I am still there and didn’t get sent home which is a good sign.  At the end of the night, Steve pulls me aside (first words he’s said to me all night), and we go into the office where he offers me a job and gives me paperwork to fill out.  Looks like I am in! I can start next week, which means it will be a bit busy as I am still working at Invocare, but better to have too much work than not enough!

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