The Iconic Phi Phi Island

As you cruise over from the mainland to Phi Phi island, it won’t take long before you understand what makes this place home to so many Kodak moments.  The warm waters are dotted with limestone cliffs that offer many secret bays and beaches to explore.  The main island offers large stretches of white sand, and ample opportunity to get out and explore whether it’s on foot, kayaks, speedboats, or a long tail day trip.  There is an impressive lookout up a series of winding stairs and pathways that also serve as the Tsunami gathering area in case another massive wave threatens the island.  It’s worth the hike up to the second viewpoint to capture panoramic views of the island and the surrounding sea.

Ko Phi Phi Island
The Iconic Phi Phi Island

With the warning of a storm moving down the coast, we immediately sign up for a half day boat tour when we arrive at Phi Phi to make the most of the sun while we still have it.  For about $8 CAN we spent 4.5 hours cruising around Phi Phi Lay, the small national park island to the south.  There was snorkeling in bays with rainbow hued fish and coral, shark spotting at shark point, monkey feeding at monkey beach, and time spent sun tanning and swimming at Maya Bay, better known as “The Beach”.  I should advise you now, that Maya Bay looks nothing like the beach featured in the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie.  While there are giant cliffs around part of the bay, it is not enclosed, and has no other recognizable features from the movie.   That being said, there are worse places to spend an hour of your life swimming in the emerald green waters and tanning on the white sand.

The Beach, Thailand
“The Beach”

Night times here are similar to Ko Phangnan, with buckets and street meat being sold on every corner, and loud music coming at you in all directions.  The beach comes alive with your usual fire shows, body paint, limbo contests and dance competitions. If you’re after peace and quiet head to the end of the beach farther away from the main action.

Snorkeling on Phi Phi Island
Snorkeling trips on Phi Phi Island

With flooding to the north and on the east coast of Thailand, we were fortunate to be spared, with not a drop of rain in our three days on Phi Phi. Today we break our two week beach bum routine as we take the overnight bus from Phi Phi to arrive in the world famous city of Bangkok bright and early tomorrow.

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