How to Execute the Perfect Pool Poach

It’s 32 degrees Celsius outside plus humidity and you’ve spent all day luging around your heavy backpack and navigating the bus system to arrive at your new destination.  Nothing would be more refreshing than plunging head first into a crystal clear pool, but alas, the hostel you’re staying at doesn’t have one. What is a backpacker to do?  With these tips below, I’ll teach you the art of pool poaching so that you’ll never have to overheat again.

Pool poaching around the world
How to get yourself relaxing poolside here
  1. Reconnaissance – scope out the pool in question and learn the lay of the land. Is there a swipe door that requires a key card? Are there staff members monitoring the area? Do all the guests have matching towels from the resort? Do guests have resort bracelets or other identifying insignia? All factors to consider when researching pool prospects. The ideal pool poach has an outside entrance where you can enter off the street or beach without having to walk through the hotel or resort.

    Tips on Pool Poaching
    Scope out the area before hand to set yourself up for success
  2. Appearance – you don’t want to look like you’ve stumbled in off the street, which in fact you have.  You have to look the part of the resort hotel guest, complete with proper attire. Ladies, I find it best just to wear your bathing suit paired with a stylish sarong. For men swimming trunks and a golf shirt should do the trick. Also, bring with you as little as possible. A book with a few dollars stashed in it is all you should bring. After all if you’re room was nearby you wouldn’t need to tote down your entire day bag.
  3. Confidence – the most important part of the pool poach. Once you’ve researched your intended target and have dressed to fit the part, now is the time to really put your skills to the test. Put on your best smile and strut your stuff over to the closest lounge chair as if you belong. Trying to be stealthy will actually call more attention to the fact that you don’t belong.
  4. Dive In – It’s key to actually get in the pool as soon as possible after you arrive. Once you’re in the pool it’s as if you’ve been there all along. Feel free to chat up other guests and comment on the weather, how great the resort is, where they’re from etc. Cannonballing into the pool is not an acceptable entry method. Also, this way if you do get kicked out, at least you’ve gotten the chance to take a dip.

    Diving in to the pool
    A quiet entry into the pool is usually best
  5. Making a purchase – as long as the resort is not all inclusive and you can pay in cash without having to charge a room this is a good way to go. Once you’ve made a drink purchase and spent some money at the resort, staff are less likely to be suspicious or ask you to leave. Also, if you’re going to go to the trouble of finding the perfect pool to poach, you might as well complete the scene with a refreshing pool side cocktail.

Note: Girl Gone Gallivanting does not condone trespassing or the breaking of any local laws. Please use the above tips at your own judgment and discretion. 

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