Great Ocean Road: Grampians to Geelong

We got up this morning planning on doing a few more of the short hikes in the area, but the weather looked like it was not going to hold out.  Nonetheless, we headed out to a few of the lookout points that you can get to by car.  More breathtaking views to be seen here.  The rain started to come down pretty hard so we camped out in the car for a bit playing cards to see if it would pass.  After about 45 minutes we decided that the weather had won and started to make our way to Geelong.

View through the rain
View through the rain

By the time we got to Geelong a few hours later the sun was out and we were able to walk around this port side town and enjoy the views. Thanks to Andrew’s brother Chris, working at the Westin in Whistler, we were able to get a family rate on the Sheraton in Geelong (they are part of the same brand of hotels).

Geelong, Australia
View from the balcony

We ended up having the best room in this ocean facing hotel and had a spectacular view of the harbour from our balcony.  With a discount in the dining room as well, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal to end off our Great Ocean Road trip. Back to Melbourne tomorrow!

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