Full Mooning on the Famous Island of Koh Phangan

There are many different versions of how the full moon party tradition started, but there is no doubt that it is here to stay.  Every month thousands of party goers flock to Haad Rin beach to party until the sun comes up.  If you’re looking to be among them, arrive a few days early or you may just end up sleeping on the beach. The entire town lives for full moon each month with souvenir stores packed with full moon party gear and alcohol being sold on every street corner.

Full Moon Party
Full Moon Party!

Even when the moon isn’t full, the town is still bumping, constantly moving from half moon parties to pre full moon parties to after parties, and then the cycle repeats itself for the following month.  If you’re looking for some solitude, head to the north west side of the island, where there are numerous stretches of beaches and a much mellower vibe.

So what exactly makes this party so special? Thousands of people, one beautiful beach, alcohol by the bucket load (literally), fire throwers, multiple DJ’s and stages, glow in the dark body paint, and fireworks are just the beginning.  It’s a party that starts at sunset and keeps going until sunrise.  Be prepared to bring your party face, and lots and lots of red bull. It’s a site like no other; pictures hardly do the action justice.

Full Moon Party Bucket Stands
Bucket stands line the beach with the most interesting of names . . .

Lock up your valuables, and don’t bring anything to the beach you don’t want to part with.  After a few buckets it’s easy to lose your camera/phone/wallet, not to mention your memory.

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