First Official Day at I’m Angus

Today is my second last day at Invocare (finally!), and my first night working at I’m Angus.  Going from one job to the other today and tomorrow, makes for a long day! I leave Invocare right at 5 so I can make it to I’m Angus as quickly as possible. I get to I’m Angus (from here on out known as “work”), and get straight into things.  There is staff dinner everyday at 5pm for those that are working – that will help save on groceries for sure! Now that I have been hired, I’m a lot less nervous which makes everything easier. Not that there is much to being a hostess – seat people at empty tables, that’s about it! The night goes well, a little bit of reshuffling when it starts to rain out and some of the tables get wet, but nothing serious.  Wendy, one of the managers, is kind enough to let me go right at 10pm when we close since she knows I have to get up early for work tomorrow.  I can’t believe how much faster the time goes by here. Glad that I have switched from 9-5 to evenings for now.

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