First Days in Melbourne

Rain, rain and more rain.  Pretty much sums up these first few days in the city.  We do get out during the few breaks in the rain to walk around the city.  First night out looking for some food we realize we are staying just a few streets over from China town.  Lots of good (and cheap!) food options here to choose from.  We end up getting some take out and eating back in our room out of the rain.

China town Melbourne
China town lit up at night

The next few days are spent busily looking for apartments.  We find out finding a place for the short term may be harder than we originally thought.  See a few disappointing places around town (in the rain).

Day 4, and finally some good luck! We go to an ANZ bank branch to get our accounts set up.  There we meet our banker, Chris, who, after a few meetings at the bank, offers us a place to live in his apartment downtown for free! Who is this guy? He has some people coming to stay with him for the next few weeks, but then after that we are more than welcome to crash.  What luck! A few hours later in the day, we go to view another apartment, and this one is a winner, and will rent to us by the week.  It is located in Richmond, which is just outside the downtown core, but easily accessible by transit.  Looks like the good times are on a roll!

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