First Day of Work

Wed Oct 14th

My first day of work in two months.  It works out well that Andrew has to go into the city for his RSA course this morning as well.  We both catch the bus into town and part our ways for the first time on this trip.  The company I am working for is called RogenSi – they are a leadership/personal development company, and I will be typing up some manuals for them, nice easy work.  After my first day of work I meet up with Andrew at McDonalds to use the free wi-fi and we are off to see some apartments in the city.  We decided that since we haven’t found anything reasonable in Bondi, and it looks like I will have some work in the city, that this might make more sense for now.  We go to see 3 apartments, and 2 of them are no go’s for sure, 1 is a maybe, but the owners haven’t moved in themselves yet so we aren’t sure.  Decide to call it a night and head back into Bondi.

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