Esperance – Beaches and The Great (Southern) Ocean Drive

The next stop on our southwest journey, Esperance, a small town known for its white beaches and laid back atmosphere.  We picked up another backpacker, Sandra from Germany, in Albany looking for a ride to Esperance and possibly back to Perth.  With enough room in our car for three we load up and hit the road.

Esperence, Western Australia
Just one of a dozen great lookouts

There isn’t a lot to see on the road in between Albany and Esperance, but once you arrive in Esperance the 24km Great Ocean Drive will make the 5 hours you spent on the road to get here worth it.  It’s a well marked tourist route with 15 different lookout locations along the way.  Each takes in another jaw dropping cliff drop over the coast line that surrounds the city.  The roads last stop is Pink Lake, known for its occasional pink colour due to the amount of bacteria in the water (it’s currently just regular blue at the moment).  We arrived in time to watch the sunset, so even though there wasn’t pink in the water, the pink in the sky compensated.

Pink Lake, Epserence
Pink Lake, Epserence

There isn’t much in way of backpacker accommodation in Esperance, the one and only hostel is the YHA Bluewater Lodge, but it’s affordable, clean, and right across from the beach so it’s not a bad set up.  It’s a quiet night at the hostel with only the 3 of us and two others in town for the night.  It’s into the outback tomorrow as we head north to Kalgoorlie – where explorers struck gold one hundred years ago and haven’t stopped digging ever since.

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