Erwan Falls – Better than Niagara

After spending a day at the amazing tiger temple just outside Kanchanaburi, it’s back on the scooters again to visit one of the natural wonders of Thailand. Erwan falls, located in a national park, is a series of 7 tiered waterfalls that offers amazing photo opportunities as well as the chance to dive in for a swim. The entrance fee to the park is 200 baht, the standard rate among most parks.   I highly recommend not booking a tour to this location, as you’ll be rushed through the falls in a few hours, not allowing you time to take it all in.

Erwin falls, Thailand
Amazing Erwin Falls

The first two waterfalls are full of Thai families on afternoon picnics. There are kids splashing around and swimming in the cool blue waters, and lots of fish looking to nibble on your toes.  This is a great place to have a waterproof camera (if only ours hadn’t broken a few weeks back). In an effort to reduce litter no food is allowed to be taken passed the second waterfall and you must leave a deposit for each water bottle you want to take up with you.

Erwin falls, Thailand
Level after level of amazing waterfalls!

From here the crowds thin and you delve deeper into the forest.  The walk between each tier of the waterfall is easy at no more than 500 meters  apart. The fourth tier features possibly the world’s first waterslide as natural steps in the rock face offer steps up to the top, and years of water running over the large rock formation has smoothed the front for an easy ride down into the pool below.  Once you get the courage to go once, you’ll be climbing back up in no time.

Erwin falls waterslide
Making a splash!

3 hours after we started at the base we made it to the top and began the 35-45 minute walk back down to the base. After a day spent here you’ll have more photos of waterfalls than you ever thought imaginable, and wonder how you will choose just a few to post on Facebook.

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