Entering the Jungle – Mission Beach to Cape Tribulation

Back on the road again, we leave Mission beach to make our way to the most northern accessible point of Queensland, Cape Tribulation. Instead of staying on the coast, we take the inland route which takes us by a number of waterfalls and scenic lookouts.  Waterfall circuit, a 16 km loop has 3 breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, the highlight of which is Milla Milla falls, which is over 12 meters high and makes for a great photo opportunity.

Mila Mila falls
Milla Milla falls

Making our way towards Cape Trib, we see the landscape begin to change from sugar cane fields and farmlands to tropical forests. The vegetation is lush and dense, and with the Misty Mountains set as a backdrop, it’s the perfect setting for a scene out of Jurassic Park.  North of Port Douglas the road begins to wind as we start climbing up the mountains and into the forest. Just getting to Cape Trib is half the fun with a narrow winding road surrounded by overhanging trees and vines and stunning views of the coast.

Daintree River Crossing
Daintree River Crossing

The entrance to Cape Trib is marked by the crossing of the Daintree river. A ferry transports you and your car across every 15 minutes. Once on the other side you have officially entered the rainforest with very few signs of civilization left.  Make sure you stock up on food, petrol and other supplies before you head out.

Cape Tribulation Beaches
Beaches right out of a movie

The beaches here are right out of a movie with the jungle vegetation coming right up to the white sand, and signs warning of crocodiles lurking around each river bend.  There are numerous walking paths which wind their way through the forest and pop out at each of the beaches for another breathtaking view.  Cape Tribulation is the perfect illustration of Australia’s diverse landscape – from cities to farmland, desert to rainforest, and beach after beach of white sand, there are so many great experiences to be had in the land down under.

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