Drastic Changes: Moving to the Hayman Island

What a whirl wind week it has been! I didn’t want to post as everything was happening until we had confirmed one way or the other what the plan was.  So here’s the scoop – we are moving to Hayman island – tomorrow! (Or today by the time I get this posted).

Hayman Island, Australia
The amazing Hayman Island

A quick synopsis on Hayman Island (or click here for the website) – it’s a small island in the group of Whitsunday islands off of Airlie Beach, 15 hours north of Surfers Paradise.  The only thing on the island is the exclusive 5 star resort that Andrew and I will be working at and the large staff village that will become our new home for the next several months where we will live, eat, workout, and party.

It went like this:

Last Friday – with no job prospects in Surfer’s Paradise, I send my friend Brooke mine and Andrew’s resume for a job on the Hayman island, not sure what will come of it.  10 minutes later I am on the phone with the HR manager setting up a phone interview for Tuesday morning.

Monday – I get a job at a telemarketing firm paying only commission. After an hour on the job I decide I would rather sit at home and not make any money than sit there and not make any money, so I quickly walk out of the building making sure not to make eye contact with anyone as I leave.

Later that day, I get a text from a friend, letting me know that two waitresses just quit in the restaurant he is working at and I should come by and hand in my resume.  Before I know it I have a trial for Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday  morning – phone interview goes well, and now Andrew and I are sending over more documents and getting reference checks.

Tuesday afternoon – Go for the trial at the restaurant and get the job, first shift on Thursday

Wed – no word yet on the Hayman Island job

Thurs – still no word on the Hayman job, decide to go into the restaurant just to be safe, get sent home because they were overstaffed, secretly overjoyed about not working

Friday – I literally stare at my phone at morning willing it to ring.  Apparently the HR manager is just waiting to hear from one of Andrew’s references, with the time change back to Canada, we need this to come through ASAP. The minutes tick by – and with all the things we need to do before moving there I am dying to get an answer.  Finally – around noon we got the call that our applications had been accepted!

And with that, we are packing up our lives and moving once again.  I think this may have been the most action packed week I have had since we have been here.  I went from having no job for the last month to getting 3 in a week.  Talk about a turnaround!  So for now, it’s off to the next adventure, blogging now from the Hayman Island! Updates to follow soon!

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