Last Days on Hayman Island

It will be exactly 3 months and 3 weeks when we depart Hayman Island on Monday morning, but it feels like only yesterday we were unpacking our bags and getting our uniforms for work.  Now we are starting to pack up, clean our rooms and plan the next phase of our journey.

Hayman Island, Australia
Fond Farewells to Hayman Island

Many of our favourite experiences on this trip so far have been here at Hayman – getting certified to scuba dive, sky diving, a seaplane to Whitehaven and beach drop offs to remote islands.  But the best part of living here was having the opportunity to develop so many great friendships.  3 months on Hayman is equal to years of knowing someone in the “real” world.  When you live, eat and work together every single day, you get to know people really well, really fast. I have come to appreciate Facebook and email even more for their ability to keep in touch with the people we have met along this journey. As we leave Hayman behind for our next adventure I will certainly be looking forward to seeing people again, whether it’s in Canada or on another journey around the world.

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