A Day at Whitehaven Beach

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, well it is a plane actually, a seaplane, landing on Whitehaven beach, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  With only a few weeks left to go here at Hayman, making a trip out to Whitehaven beach is the last item on our “to-do” list.  With a beautiful day upon us, we called up Whitsunday Air, to see if they were picking up any guests from Hayman for a Whitehaven excursion.  As our luck would have it they are, and before we know it we are boarding the seaplane for a 20 minute plane ride over the Whitsunday islands to Whitehaven beach.  And while the view from the beach itself is phenomenal, the 360 degree aerial picture from the plane is absolutely breathtaking, not to mention you totally feel like a rock star landing in a seaplane on the beach.   Much thanks to Hayman and Air Whitsunday for the generous staff discount.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
View of Whitehaven from the plane!

With over 4 kilometres of almost pure white silica sand, it’s easy to see why thousands of tourists visit this pristine beach each year. It’s easy to spend a day here working on your tan and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Much time was spent taking photos and drawing pictures in the sand (which we then also took photos of too).  I highly recommend a sand bucket and shovel if available.

Whitehaven Beach, Great Barrier Reef
White sand, clear waters and one hot guy!

Before we know it we are back on the seaplane for one last circle around the islands before landing back at Hayman. With everything now crossed off our check list it means our time here at Hayman is coming to an end soon.  And while I very much look forward to not having to clean rooms all day, the Hayman experience has been unforgettable.

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