Port Fairy to Grampians National Park

We started our journey from Port Fairy YHA hostel to Grampians National Park by viewing the picturesque Port Fairy bay. From the we headed North East to a little area known as Tower Hill, as the receptionist at the YHA hostel suggested it was a great location for free kangaroo and koala viewing. Upon getting to it’s parking lot, we immediately saw 4 kangaroos. Soon after taking some photos we were surrounded by two herds of 20-30 ‘roos. It was like a scene from Jurassic park! No koalas were sighted here.

Kangaroos, Great Ocean Road
Our first Kangaroo sighting!

From Tower Hill, we drove North to a little town called Dunkeld at the southern tip of the Grampians National Park, stopped at it’s i-Site Visitor Center, then continued north to Halls Gap where the Eco Grampians YHA hostel and main hikes are located.

After a quick stop the Hall’s Gaps i-Site, we decided to do the longest hike in the area, a 4 hour hike to ‘The Pinnacle’. A beautiful layered rock mountainous hike along side reddish-brown flowing rivers, lead us past ‘Splinters Waterfall’ and through ‘The Grand Canyon’, to the stunning view point at the pinnacle. The pinnacle was a breath taking, sky towering viewpoint jutting out of a rock cliff at the top of the hike.

Splinters Falls, Grampian National Park
Splinters Falls

Thankfully, stairs and railings were installed to allow for such safe views of the landscape below. The hike down the opposite side of the trail conveniently had many stairs providing an easier way down. A few more kangaroos were seen along the hike, and at the end of the trail, to our surprise, were approximately 15 kangaroos grazing at the campgrounds. This encounter provided our first views of two baby kangaroos inside their mother’s pouches.

View from the Pinnacle!
View from the Pinnacle!

These kangaroos were obviously use to humans, as a few dozen visitors stood around and took photos, some even close enough to feed the kangaroos.  And here we were hoping to see just one or two on our trip!  We checked into the 4 star Eco YHA Grampians hostel, taking the cake for the best hostel to date.  Tomorrow we plan on doing a few more of the smaller hikes and then making our way to Geelong for the night.

More Kangaroos, Grampians National Park
Lots more where these guys came from

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