Colourful La Boca, Buenos Aires

After a few days in Buenos Aires you’ve likely come across all kinds of souvenirs depicting colourful buildings and street dancing tango performers. If you want to see them in the flesh you’ll need to head down to La Boca. Situated along the old port, the main tourist attraction here is the flashy Caminito, a pedestrian walkway lined with brightly painted corrugated-metal buildings and packed to the brim with artists selling paintings, trinkets and souvenirs.

LaBoca, Argentina
The walking streets of La Boca

You can get your photo taken here with a tango performer, buy a Boca Juniors football (soccer) jersey and enjoy an afternoon people watching at any one of the dozen of outdoors cafes and restaurants. This is the Buenos Aires you pictured before you arrive, perhaps with less bus tours passing through.

Tango photo, La Boca
Pose for your tango photo!

It’s a bit out of the way to get to, but worth the effort as there is nowhere else in the city with this kind of charm. It’s not recommended to stray out of the tourist area here as it is surrounded by one of the cities poorer neighbourhoods and even during daylight hours is known for muggings. Otherwise sit back with a café de leche, and a few empanadas or better yet, join in with the tango dancing!

Colourful La Boca
La Boca’s colourful homes

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