Chinese Gardens

Chinese Garden of Friendship
Chinese Garden of Friendship

The weather isn’t great today so we don’t want to go to far from home in case we get stuck in the rain. We head down to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, just past Tumbalong Park in the Darling Harbour area. Entry fee is $6, or $4.50 with a YHA card.  Once inside its hard to believe that you are in the middle of one of the busiest areas in Sydney.  The gardens are quiet and tranquil, and the high walls block out all the distractions from outside. There is a large pond in the middle which most of the gardens are based around.

Chinese Costumes
Dressed up in Chinese Costumes

One of the attractions I recommend doing, is dressing up in the Chinese costume and getting your picture taken. Cost is $10 per person.  I actually thought it was free at first, and may not have done it if I knew it was $10, but I was so glad I did it after that it didn’t matter. After our walk through the gardens, we decide to complete the experience by taking a walk through Chinatown, which is just around the corner.  Small streets and alleyways are filled with shops and bakeries, will be awesome to see during Chinese New Years. It starts to spit outside, looks like we just made it through before getting stuck in the rain.

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