Castaways on Sugar Beach

As the Lonely Planet states, “If you’re looking to live like a castaway on you’re own strip of sand with some of the modern luxuries like electricity and running water included, this is the place for you.”

Sugar Beach, Philippines
Your Castaway Home – Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is located on west coast just a short distance away from the main town of Sipalay on Negros Island, Philippines. It’s a bit of journey to get here with three separate buses needed from the main port city of Dumaguete. Luckily the bus timing lines up well with the journey taking about 4 hours by bus and then a short “tricycle” ride down a long dirt road to where you catch a small paddle boat across a tidal river to the beach. (A tricycle in the Philippines is a motorcycle with a sidecar attached that can hold 2-4 people).

When you’ve finally arrived it’s simply a matter of walking down the beach to decide where to rest your head. A half dozen backpacker resorts line the beach with basic accommodation and restaurants attached. If you can afford the extra pesos it’s worth a splurge to stay at Takatuka – probably the craziest resort in all of the Philippines.

Mad Mix at Takatuka
Our “Mad Mix” Room at Takatuka

It offers 9 wacky, crazy rooms that have all been custom designed by the hotel owner from random collection pieces, recycling and other odds and ends. From “The Cave” to “Superhero” to “Mad Mix” pictures can’t do this place justice. It’s worth a night here just to check out the resort and the ingenious uses for light switches, decorations and more, not to mention the food is great.

Takatuka Reception
Takatuka’s Wacky Restaurant & Reception

There isn’t much else to do at Sugar Beach then enjoy the sun, sand and ocean waters, perhaps washing it all back with a local San Miguel beer. Not bad for an end to our 3 week Philippines journey before diving head first into the chaos that is Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.

Sugar Beach Sunset
Goodbye Philippines!

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