Burkit Penisula – The Southern Tip of Bali

1 scary jam packed alleyway, 2 major roadways, and 3 wrong turns later, we are on the road to the southern tip of Bali and the famous Uluwatu surf beach.  For the price of lunch we have hired a scooter for 2 days to get out and explore Bali on our own.  Since scooters are allowed to weave through traffic and park anywhere you wonder why anyone here would drive around in an SUV.  With the wind in your face and a handsome guy to hold onto, there’s no better way to travel.

Scooters in Indonesia
Nothing like the wind in your hair!

We make our way down the winding country roads, watching out for stray cows, dogs and chickens that may have wandered into our path.  Life here moves at a slower pace with very little traffic and gives a glimpse of the Indonesian lifestyle.

After an hour of driving we arrive at one of the cliff openings on the Uluwatu coastline.  It’s a surf Mecca with a giant reef break not too far out from shore, It’s not for beginners at it’s easy to smash a board (or a head) here if you fall in the shallows on the coral. We dive in for a quick swim to cool off before lunch.  It’s hard to go too long in the sun without the overwhelming urge to strip down to your bathers and dive into the nearest body of water.

Uluwatu Beach
View of the coastline

After lunch it’s on to the Uluwatu temples, overlooking the coastline.  The place is full of monkeys looking to steal any loose belongings you may have.  One sits up in a tree with a hat stolen from an unlucky tourist.

Stealing monkeys in Indonesia
Watch out for thieving monkeys!

With the sun beating down on us, we take a quick walk around, snap a few photos and get back on our scooters and into the breeze.  A few miles down the road is the gated community of Dreamland, home to some very expensive high end resorts.  We scooter through the massive gates and down to the beach for a late afternoon dip.  As the sun begins to set it’s time to seek out some accommodation for the evening.  After a few stops we settle on a small place down the road from a number of restaurants.  It’s another step down in amenities – the bathroom has only a toilet and shower hose and a drain on the floor.  It’s interesting to brush your teeth needless to say.  I know there will be much worse to come in the following months, so it helps to take it in stride one bit at a time.  Tomorrow we’ll finish off the southern coast before heading back into the madness that is Kuta beach.

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