Birthday Celebrations Down Under

At almost 11 months into our journey here in Australia, today is a day that happens only once a year – my birthday.  And while I have celebrated a few birthdays abroad, I would have never imagined that I would be spending my 26th on Hayman Island.  Sky diving was the official “gift” from Andrew which we did a few weeks ago, so this way we would have the whole day to celebrate on Hayman.

Hayman Island, Australia
Jumping for birthday joy!

We started the day off with a buffet breakfast at the Azure restaurant, with the “Canadian crew” plus one Aussie thrown in for good measure, (just joking Matt).   A little champagne and O.J plus a million dollar view of the beach, made it feel like we were staying at a fancy resort instead of just working at one.  After stuffing our faces with delicious breakfast food, it’s off to the island of Bali Hai for the afternoon to sleep off our food comas, as if one remote island for the day isn’t enough.  Upon returning back to Hayman, there is another surprise waiting, Andrew and my parents have been scheming to arrange chocolates, wine and flowers dropped off in our absence.  It’s not the first time they have surprised me with such a wonderful gift, and hopefully it won’t be the last!

Bali Hai Beach, Hayman Island
Girl time on Bali Hai

The best part of the day, was having such great friends to share the celebration with.  Not knowing where we would be when we started our travels in Australia almost a year ago, it has certainly worked out in my favour to be celebrating in a place with such a great community of people who went out their way to make the day so special. With less than two weeks left here on Hayman it was bittersweet, knowing that we will be saying good-bye to so many amazing people, but also looking forward to the new adventures to come.

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