Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Oh Canada!
Oh Canada!

I’m sitting around a table of 10 or so people, having a beer and talking about Canadian Universities, Canadian hockey, or maybe the Canadian Winter Olympics, a scene typical for most Canadians, except that I am 15,000 kilometres away from home on the other side of the world.  After seven months of travelling I have come to realize that no matter where we are, we seem to attract other Canadians as if we are following a GPS unit.

Here at Hayman Island, there is a large group of us Canadians that always seem to hang out together.  It seemed like within minutes of our arrival here, we had all found each other and instantly bonded over our home towns, universities and national sports. It’s amazing how small the world becomes when you meet someone thousands of miles away from home, and realize you went to the same school, or lived down the street from each other. I think for most of us it’s the sense of familiarity and commonality that brings us together. It seems that having even one thing in common such as your nationality, instantly provides a basis for friendship and a sense of trust.  While part of travelling is all about immersing yourself in the foreign culture and meeting people of all different backgrounds, running into another Canadian can provide temporary relief from any homesickness. Perhaps its having an appreciation for what “cold” really feels like, our love of Tim Hortons, or how we find a way to end most sentences with “eh” that bring us together no matter what part of the world we find ourselves in.

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