Back at Bondi

Finally back at the beach again today, Andrew and I haven’t been in at least two weeks so it feels nice to spend the day just lounging and working on our tans.  One of Andrew’s co-workers, Clement, lives right on Bondi and has a whole stack of surf boards.

Andrew at Bondi
Andrew at Bondi

He is kind enough to let us borrow one for the day and we all head out to the waves.  The surf at Bondi is huge today, even in the front break the waves are still powerful.  I spend more time holding the board and looking at the waves then actually attempting to surf.  It seemed a lot easier when there was an instructor and only tiny waves to worry about.  Andrew manages to get up on a few of the bigger waves and ride them all the way to shore.  I think I’ll need a day when the surf is smaller to practice!

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