Applying to be a Hostess

Now that Andrew is all lined up and working nights, I decide that I should work on getting night job as well, otherwise we will hardly see each other.

Nicks and Blackbird Cafe
Nick's Seafood Ground Level & Blackbird Cafe Upstairs

I go out around Darling Harbour and hand in a few resumes.  I go over to Nick’s Seafood, where Andrew is working to apply, and the manager tells me that they don’t need a hostess at the moment, but brings me over to I’m Angus Steakhouse, which is part of the same company and just a few restaurants over, and I get a trial there for Friday night.  I decide to hand out one upstairs at Blackbird Cafe, and I get a trial there for Saturday night as well.  Hopefully between the two of them something will work out.  Now I just need to get some black flats so I have something to wear to work!


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