Apo Island – A Diver’s Paradise

Off the tip of Negro’s island about an hour away from Dumaguete lies the small island of Apo. Surrounded by a protected marine sanctuary, it’s the perfect place to base yourself for a few days of tropical scuba diving.

Apo Island
Boat view of Apo Island

The tiny island offers only two resorts on a secluded beach to choose from. The more affordable Liberty’s Community Lodge offers stylish rooms carved from stone that all offer stunning views of the beach. All meals are included at their seaside restaurant and the sunsets are free.

Secluded islands however do come at a price. The island offers electricity only a few hours a day, limited to no internet and no running water anywhere on the island. A small price to pay to enjoy the scenery, and once you get used to the bucket shower method it’s not so bad after all.

Apo Island Ocean
Enjoying an Ocean Swim

Diving and snorkeling will keep you busy with sites all around the island that are easy to access. You can enjoy great coral reef structure, lots of turtles, schools of fish, sea snakes, lion fish and more all in tropical temperature waters.

Liberty’s can arrange transport to and from the island, otherwise it’s good to go with a group of people so you don’t get stuck with the cost of chartering the whole boat.  Pack your bathing suit and a few good books and enjoy this island getaway.

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