A Night Out at the Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema
Watching the sunset at the Open Air Cinema

The sun is setting over the harbour, and with a glass of wine in hand we watch the lights from the opera house and harbour bridge illuminate the cloudy nighttime sky above.  All this and more is included in your admission to the St. George Open Air Cinema in the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens. If you are looking for a romantic first date that won’t break the bank, this is the place. Click here for a panoramic video of the cinema. Pre-ticket sales for the season sell out as soon as they are available, but tickets can still be purchased the day of at the venue.  There is lots to eat and drink, best to arrive early and grab yourself a table before the show begins.  As luck would have it, half way through the movie the heavens decided to open and pour down on the roughly 500 people in the stands.  Luckily free ponchos are provided, and we all have a good laugh as everyone scrambles to get theirs on as quickly as possible.  Even the rain can’t spoil the mood here. With an hour to go in the movie, and the rain pelting down on our ponchos, it was still one of the best nights out in Sydney.  After all, it’s not everyday you can sit outside in the rain, with a glass of wine and watch a movie over the harbour.

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